Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello lover.

I’ve been stopped in my tracks by some wise words from an old book. I wonder, will they stop you too?

“Thank goodness for this natural honing signal that becomes louder and louder the more we are in need of return (home). The signal goes off as everything begins to be too… (too much, too little, too too).

The text goes on… “the restlessness a woman feels when she is yearning to return to her psychic place of origin. Since the psychic is a complete system, all its elements resonate to the call. A woman’s restlessness during this time is often accompanied by irritability and a sense that everything is much too near for comfort or much too far for peace. She feels anywhere from a little bit to a lot “lost” for she has stayed too long from home. These feelings are just the right feelings to feel. They are a message that says Come here now.”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D, Women Who Run With the Wolves

This reminder! All is well. All that you are feeling– are just the right feelings. Will you heed their call? And what might it look like to come home to yourself today? No need to look beyond this day, this moment even. The way you are called may look different at any given moment, and so too may the thing that brings you home. So pay attention my love.

Not to worry, you don’t have to run away from your life to come home (unless you do). It can be a poem, a walk, a tree, a spot of sunlight and a quiet moment gazing off at nothing much.

Oh, how I hope these words nourish you as they do me.

You are loved. Remember to breathe. Especially if you’re having trouble hearing that voice, stop and breath. Five luxurious inhales & exhales. Take your time. Feel the sensations in your body. Listen for clues.


P.S. This is what a ray of sunshine may look like for you. And this could be easier than you imagine. Just saying.

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