You’re the Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen

You’re the Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen starts as a series of love letters to a friend on the most terrifying journey of her life through stage 4 cancer and shares the profound experience of waking up firsthand. Not through pithy slogans (though they are here too), but through the format I’ve chosen: the first 40+ days of (the 120) love letters I wrote to Maydee, in their original, messy, early morning, first draft form. Each day followed by my practice experiences that lead me to these words.

Duality, self-acceptance, fear, ego, conditioning are all explored through the eyes of curiosity and great kindness. It’s a journey to the dark side. It’s a story of hope and healing. It’s one woman’s practice of writing love letters shared with another, in hopes of shining light on another life. It’s about finding a calling. Finding a voice. Finding love, inside yourself.