Monday Love

Good morning love,

Who is here today? Close your eyes, fill your body with breath, hold it at top for a moment and feel it surging through your cells waking you up. Slowly exhale.


That’s what conscious breath does, it wakes you up. Cool, Huh.

Now check and see what part of you has shown up today. For me it’s the one with the mile long to do list. Something I gotta do. Always something I gotta do and relaxation is always on the other side of that never ending list. What does she need?

Go ahead, ask yourself, what do you need?

To let go of trying to get ahead. To slow down and relax in the doing of my to do list. To discover the simple joy in whatever I accomplish today. To know whatever I do will be enough.

Yeah, and that’s pretty damn sexy. Relaxing, reaching my limbs in a mile long stretch, luxuriating in my breath and all that my senses are receiving in this moment. Yum.

I am so freaking in love with you and your never ending to do list!







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