Love Letters

Monday Love – Dare the wild unknown

Hello my love,

Here in the United States, it’s graduation season. Alive with the satisfaction of accomplishment and the thrill of the unknown. We’re feeling it in our house, as my youngest son graduates from high school.

There are times in your life when this feeling is palpable. And, this aliveness is available to you whenever you want, when you dare the wild unknown.

It’s in this spirit that I share one of my favorite passages from the Radiance Sutras, by Lorin Roche, PHD:

“Toss aside your map of the world,

All your beliefs and constructs.

Dare the wild unknown.

Here in this terrifying freedom,

Naked before the universe,

Commune with the One,

Who knows everything from the inside:

Invisible power pervading everywhere.

Divine presence permeating everything.

Breathe tenderly as 

The lover of all beings.” 


Ok, gorgeous, go forth and… well, this bit is up to you. You get to choose.

I love you.





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