Love Letters

Monday Love

photography of blue ceramic coffee cup
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Hey beauty,

What if there really is such a thing as heaven on earth?

What if it lies in the first sip of your morning elixir?  Be it a soothing herbal tea, a rev you up cup of coffee, a spicy chai, a lush green drink or a tropical smoothie that reminds you what it feels like to be on holiday in Hawaii. Or maybe a glass of water that quenches your cells and brings them alive with a thirst for the next adventure.

What if it lies in waterfalls, and dolphins and ladybugs and flower gardens bursting with color and renegades pushing up through the cracks in the concrete?

What if it lies in the next thing that makes you smile?

What if having everything your heart desires begins to feel a bit boring, so you add some contrast, to make it a little more exciting, and your desires come not all at once, but a little bit now and a little now and a little bit now?

Till you are spilling over with the joy and abundance of it all. Knowing there’s enough and more is on the way.

What if you are a rare, delicate and powerful creature?

What if it’s just a matter of seeing?

Because you are a rare, delicate and powerful creature.



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