Love Letters

Monday Love…

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Or, from here henceforth, Magic Monday.

I looked it up just now, and guess what, Monday is an excellent day to perform love spells.

That’s pretty much what we’re doing when writing love letters. Casting spells with our words. It’s pretty much what we do all day long, so maybe practicing some fun, sassy,  tuned in and turned on spells is a good idea.

So my beauty, as invisible fairy dust swirls around you, (if you could see it, it would be golden, sparkly and incandescent) what incantations will you write or recite to yourself?

I am loved.

Satisfaction lies in every breath I take.

I am ready to be ready to be ready.

My body is alive and vibrating with energy, excitement and anticipation.

Ease and abundance go hand in hand for me.

The parking Goddess is always with me and always provides.

Ok, your turn.

And in case you’re wondering if I can actually declare Monday to be a day of magic just because I feel like it, the answer is yes.

It can happen just like that.







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