Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello, rainy you!

It’s rainy in Los Angeles, and I love how you’ve decided to reinvent the adjective, so it isn’t just dark, gloomy, and unpleasant, because why does it have to be?

Photo by Noelle Otto

Rainy you is fun you! Seeing reflections in puddles. Jumping into puddles. Making paper sailboats and watching them navigate tiny drainage rivers, bordering the streets. Catching rain on your tongue.

And also, rainy you is just you. It can be fun. It can be anything. And I can love you for it. It’s what we do. All of us, I mean — not just you and me. All of us — even that grouchy neighbor — actually loves. Grouchy is just a state not a person.

Thank you for reminding me of that, rainy you. You rock (and rain). I love you.


Photo by Skitterphoto


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