Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo.

If you were the heroine of an epic love story— one spanning decades. Who would she be? You are the writer of this story. You choose who this character is. What turns her on? What makes her blood boil with rage? What does she need when she feels sad?

What does she desire at this season in her life— to be? To have? To give?

Breathe and relax into this dreamy wondering. You can’t get it wrong. You get to keep writing new chapters till the end. And you decide what’s the end.

She’s utterly gorgeous in her wholeness. Her resilience sparks wisdom.

She is you.

And her desires…

Strong and fit.

Free (of mental machinations).

A musician, artist, writer, lover of life, an entrepreneur…

They are yours.

How will you meet her today?

How will you cast a vote in favor of her existence?

Of your existence.

Here’s the fun part. And I invite you to play along. You can bring her to life, one baby step. One minute. One choice at a time.

Do one push up.

Write one sentence.

Read one page.

Make one phone call.

Find beauty in one thing.

Meditate for one minute.

It is enough.

When it’s time to choose, ask yourself, what would she do?

I love you.

I love you hard. I love you easy. I love you the depth and width of the ocean. I love you the expanse of sky.


Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

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