Making Lemonade


Hey friends, it’s been a week! I’m working on an awesome post— Do you wanna be right or do you wanna be happy? Yes, this week I have been feeling so so right and not so so happy about the things I’m feeling right about.

Today I’m  moving out of my moldy home, finding temporary housing and dealing with a slightly shady property manager to get things resolved quickly and properly.

So, this post is gonna be short and sweet. Yes, sweet! I’m looking for a place to rent by the beach while mine gets worked on for the next week or so. Turning those lemons into lemonade. Leaning into what feels fun.

And guess what, it feels kinda great.My home has mold and I feel kinda great.

The wanna be right post will happen tomorrow.

Until then, happy Friday! Lean into what feels fun. Let me know what you discover.








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