Life Re-design

How about a life re-design

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Yes please!

Not because anything is wrong, but because it’s all so good and I want more. My kids are growing up and don’t need me in the same way anymore. And I’m ready for something big. Really big. And awesome. And fun. 

What my pretty groovy life looks like now is based on old life conditions, standards, stories and such nonsense that I won’t bore you with, because creating is so much more fun!

And like I said, I’m ready for more fun.

So here it is, my life re-design. In progress. To be honest, life will always be a work in progress, but the current launchpad feels like something I want to put in writing.

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written my longer posts.

Life re-design signal #1

I miss writing. Earlier this month I completed a level ll (300 hr) therapy inspired yoga teacher training. That endeavor has consumed my attention over the last nine months. 300 hours! I almost didn’t finish. Three quarters of the way thru it came to me that I don’t really like yoga (flow). And I’ve no interest in teaching it. I don’t want to be a teacher! I love words. I was learning to teach yoga to support myself as a writer. Instead of being a writer. Wacky.

Life re-design signal # 2

The lead teacher encouraged me to look to what I do like about yoga, and offered me a self study option to finish. I had after all completed the majority of the training. She gave me a couple of books and off I went. Turns out I love yoga philosophy, contemplative practice (which to me is kinda like magic of the mind) and restorative yoga. 

Here are 3 big takeaways from this experience:

Choosing to quit was incredibly liberating. I know how to do hard things. A guy once introduced me to the concept of type two fun. That’s where you do something really hard like rock climbing a slab wall all the while cursing out the guy who convinced you (a non rock climber) that you could do it, only to find yourself in complete euphoria when you do. That’s type two fun. It fits well with that old adage, life is hard.


How about I choose more type one fun? Fun, that’s just fun. What is type one fun (to me)? Game on baby. I’m all in for this exploration.

Following my own path. Being offered an opportunity to find my own way (voice) and still finish, was HUGE! To stay true to my experience (and not have to change or fake it) in order to be a part of the community (and finish) or rebel against it.  My meditation teacher once shared that when we engage in either this or that decision making, we cut apart of ourselves off. We humans are so much more than this or that.

Completion. It’s satisfying. Whether it’s type one or type two fun, it feels so freaking good getting it done. Especially when you’re in alignment – which is different from the busy mind— some place I need to get to, something I gotta do thinking, that’s mostly a conditioned kind of doing.

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You see, you can’t do it wrong. Quit, and it’s awesome. Finish, and it’s awesome. It’s not about if you quit or finish, it’s about how you treat yourself along the way. Some call that the process.

And if you want to have some real mind bending fun, imagine that on a nearby multiverse another version of you made the opposite choice and is living out that story! And, you can change the story as often as you make a new choice!

The first step in my life re-design— follow type one fun. The fun fun kind, and to experience the deep satisfaction of completion of my projects and creations by allowing fun to lead the way.

So all that happened. And so much more, however, I’ve promised myself to keep this short and sweet.

Life re-design in progress… who’s in? I’d love for you to join me!


2 thoughts on “How about a life re-design

  1. I’m joining you! See you out there sister. More writing and singing and ukulele playing in our future!


  2. Hooray! So very excited to play with you. Create, sing, dare the wild unknown. In the adoring words of Shiva to his beloved Shakti— “She who shines everywhere sings”.


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