Love Letters

Tuesday Love

Here we are again. Another week my love.

I have some very very good news for you. You are doing amazing things.

In spite of what current circumstances may suggest, transformation is happening— inside you. Your questions are being answered. Your desires fulfilled.

Even though it may not look like it in this moment, everyone around you is co-creating with you. Yep, that crazy shit that you would never in a million years ask for… it may be that it’s the answer.

Or the thing that stirs you up in a way that the answer can now be heard, or allowed.

Pay attention. That’s all you need to do. Well, that and be extra kind with yourself.

The birds are singing your song, and it’s a love song. Stop and listen. See if you can let it in.

No more aspiring to be love. You are love. Period. End of story.


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