Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey babe.

You are radiant today. Completely, and breathtakingly stunning.

Now take a few minutes to breathe that in. Allow it to circulate with your breath into the nooks and crannies of your animal body. Where does it land? How does it feel?

Just notice.

This, this, is who you are. Radiant and breathtakingly stunning. The rest, is a bunch of crap you made up.

Yes, your explanations for making up a bunch of crap that’s not true, are reasonable. But let’s not worry about that. It’s a silly thing we humans do. Let’s leave it at that.

Instead, in the words of Ted Lasso, “be the goldfish”. The goldfish (ha! I first wrote godfish). The goldfish has a memory of something like 10 seconds. All those things you think you need to fix or change or do… things that are oft inspired by your PAST experiences, they are a distraction.

A distraction from who you actually are. And what is possible here and now in this moment. A distraction!
From this moment. Where anything is possible.

So yeah, be the goldfish. Get on with it. You’re brilliant. You’ve got this. You are strong and smart and mad sexy. I love you so freaking much!


Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

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