Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo. I’m happy to be here with you.

Wherever here is for you now. Content, blue, excited, sleepy…

This here. Is better than there, any day.

Breathe. And then, breathe some more.

I love you. I promise you THIS is really where it’s at.

This is where it’s happening.

This is it. You can trust yourself. You can trust this feeling. It’s guiding you. It’s not wrong.

You are not wrong.


P.S. I’m listening to a band right now called Rainbow Kitten Surprise. The best name ever. First time hearing the band. Jury is still out. For me.

Today I woke up feeling blue. I have resistance to feeling blue. I start trying to figure out why this feeling has a grip on me. What have I done wrong? I need to know so I can fix it.

My practice though, says, hey – it’s ok. Nothing wrong going on here.

I go for a walk on the beach and remember what I was reading yesterday – An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People. Ahhh. Yep feeling blue is actually a perfectly reasonable feeling. Appropriate. I’m not a robot. It’s a heartbreaking read. How the First People of this land now called the United States were and still are treated. That violence – taking human life, dominance over, crushing the human spirit is an acceptable form of getting what you want. To this day.

Yeah. Of course I feel blue.

It’s time to create a new story. Power with, together, side by side, for… love, inclusivity, joy, equality, the earth and all her beings. Because with is the only way forward. Because there is enough. Because we are enough.

But first, we need to look and acknowledge what has been. And it sucks. And it’s ok. We can do this. Let’s do this.

Now I’ll stand down from my soap box (without pausing to look up why it’s called a soap box) and get ready for bed.

I love you.

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