Love Letters

Monday Love


Good morning love,

What part of you is here today ? Take a deep breath in and ask. Who is here? No need to search too hard. The first answer will do. For me it’s a part that feels soft and vulnerable. Like a young child, wondering if anyone likes me. A part that wants to hide, scramble for the safety of my mother’s arms, armor up (put on a big smile).

Now ask this part, what do you need? Today I am the fierce mama lion protecting, holding, giving shelter to the soft, vulnerable part of me who has shown up. No questions asked (like how long will this take, what’s wrong with you, etc...)

I love you. I see you. I hear you. You are not alone.


P.S. Even if you’ve never had the experience of a fierce mama lion in your life, you can still be it for yourself.





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