Love Letters

Monday Love


Good Morning my lovely one,

Who is here today? Close your eyes, take in a few deep whole body breaths. Check in with yourself.

For me it’s the quiet, introverted one. She gets grumpy at idea of needing to perform… and sometimes just walking out the front door equals needing to perform (to be something other than what she is) out there in the world of expectation. In here in the world of expectation.

Here is my love letter to her today:

Hey sweetness, I see you and I hear you. Today I offer you the gift of no expectation. Nothing to fix. Nothing to change.

You are freaking gorgeous exactly as you are! Mystery and peace radiate from your quiet nature. Every conscious breath fills you and spills out the most lovely soft golden light all around you.

As you allow yourself to heal with your own radical, compassionate acceptance, so do you allow everyone who crosses your path today to heal.

Yes, you are that powerful.

I love you. No matter what.






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