Love Letters

Monday Love


Goodmorning love,

If you’re getting a good talking to this morning, from some less than friendly part of yourself, I invite you to say, yes, thank you. I’ve got this.

I’m doing the best I can.

I’m doing a great job actually, most of the time.

Sometimes a little less good. And that’s ok. I’m learning and growing.


This would be a perfect time to take a pause and remember some things you have accomplished.

Be generous with yourself. A day wandering in a magical garden, that is an accomplishment. Meditating in the morning. Accomplishment. Home cooked meal, washing the dishes, driving the kids. Accomplishment, accomplishment, accomplishment. Grocery shopping, laundry, huge accomplishments. Writing the first draft of a children’s book. Wow, wow, wow!


bad ass.

Embracing the part of you who is sad and missing someone or something… Yes. She gets love too.

All of you.



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