Love Letters

Monday Love


Hey love,

Every moment of every day you get love, no matter what. Doesn’t matter if you are laughing or crying or kicking and screaming. You get love.

Take a moment and breath that in. There is nothing you have to do or be or fix before you deserve love… and still, you might be thinking, but why? How is this possible? It’s not what I was taught about love. And I will tell you, if you must know, there are a million tiny reasons why.

The way you sparkle, without even knowing the light you are throwing off, when you think no one is looking.

The slightest upturn of your lips, sometimes a smirk, sometimes the beginning of a smile.

The way you hate pictures of yourself and I love them.

The way you have to throw something, or jump up and down, or yell at the sky when you are angry or frustrated. I really love that. I do that too.

Recently I saw a quote that reminds me of  you:

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things around us.” -Iris Murdock


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