Love Letters

Monday Love


Hello beauty,

I wonder, are you letting it in?

All the well being and abundance that are your birthright.

That’s right, your very existence is proof that you are enough.

So, are you letting it in?

Let your feelings guide you…

follow the ones that feel light fun, playful, make you smile, put a little skip in your step.

It’s ok to acknowledge the other feelings, important even, but don’t follow them around.

It takes practice to follow the light.

Hey there lovely, you know what I adore about you?

The part who is a total weirdo.

Socially unacceptable by modern standards.

Lurking in the shadows.

She is so freaking hot!

Maybe take her for a spin today.

See what kind of sassy fun you can get into.

And remember, whatever happens, I love you. No matter what.







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