Love Letters

Monday Love


Hello Lover. Feeling cheeky today.

It’s ok not to know, anything. Encouraged even.

There’s that whole socratic paradox: I know that I know nothing.

And it’s ok that you want to know. Feel like you should know. Better.

I mean you have spent years in a system for the sole purpose of knowing stuff.

So give yourself a break. Either way, you are doing the best you can. And that’s worth acknowledging. You’re kind of awesome.

The thing about not knowing, is once you think you know, you can either become rigid in that knowing or stay open to it changing.

Cause that’s how life is,

always changing. So our knowing is always changing.

I wonder if that’s what Socrates was thinking about knowing and not knowing.

Anyhoo. This is some heady stuff and really all I want to say is,

It’s ok. It’s all ok. You’re doing a great job. If there are voices telling you otherwise, tell’em to fuck off.

I love you. I want you. You are special to me.

Did you hear that bird singing this morning. That was pretty great wasn’t it?


you are hands down the sexiest thing I’ve laid eyes on, maybe ever. Just saying.



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