Love Letters

Monday Love


Hello you sexy thing.

I mean it.

You are smoking hot.

Right here now, just as you are.

Not later, when you’ve had time to get your hair cut or highlighted or whatever.

Nope. The beautiful mess that you are right now. The one who really needs a nap.



5 thoughts on “Monday Love

    1. Hi! Yes, I completely agree. Love letters are all about the process of accepting all parts of ourselves (all that is and all that we are feeling about it). Our feelings are also a wonderful guidance system. So, what I am pointing to when I say the “quality of our lives depends on the focus of our attention”, is that we get to choose moment by moment where we place our attention. When I place it on what’s wrong, all I see is what’s wrong and that feeling grows (and it’s a kinda habitual thinking pattern that many of us humans get caught up in, because we want to be honest and real). However, in any given situation there is also the gem of spiritual awakening or growth, I call it freedom. And I can also focus on this. I can focus on what’s beautiful around me. Beauty and pain can and do co-exist. I wrote about this in a blog, Yes, And.

      For me, the first step to feeling better (healing) is to fully embrace exactly where I’m at. I can tell when I’m not really doing this, because all the pep talks in the world do not make me feel better, if I don’t acknowledge what is so (my truth). I know when I do, because I immediately start to feel relief. What is not helpful is to stay in this inquiry when it is not offering relief.

      I was in this process once and really stuck in an old story and wanted to know why, why, why. Thinking if I understood it, I could finally be free of it. After we spent some time exploring it, my teacher suggested I had seen all I needed to from this particular story and it was time to start dropping it (like a hot potato). That became my practice, dropping the story every time it arose, even if that meant dropping it 100 times a day. It also meant I needed to refocus my attention. I was fierce in this practice and in about a week, the story began to disappear. It had become a habit and one that no longer served me.

      Many of our thought patterns are merely habits (that no longer serve us) and we can choose new ones, good feeling ones.

      Thank you so much for your question! I hope this offers some clarity on my intentions and writing. This is a very long answer, I am quite passionate on this subject. Xo

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