Love Letters

Monday Love

adorable baby beanie bonnet
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Well darling,

Here we are again. I wonder, do you tire of hearing what a breathtaking, delightful wonder you are?

I for one, never tire of reminding you.

And yet, when we hear things over and over, sometimes we become deaf to them.

Who really cares why, no need to get all heady about it.

Today I offer you a visual experience of you. Remember, we can only see out there what lives inside of us (it’s called projection). Take your time. Breath. Notice what you feel as you take in, you.


closeup photography of pink coneflower
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green grass field during sunset
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frozen wave against sunlight
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sunglasses woman girl faceless
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blonde hair blur daylight environment
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action asphalt automobile automotive
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2 thoughts on “Monday Love

    1. Hello beauty! Thank you and quadruple love right back at ya. Can’t wait to see what kind of burning man magic your conjure. Xo


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