Love Letters

Monday Love, with an extra dose

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going out to those here in California and around the world who might need a hug today.

My dearest love, wherever you are, whatever you are feeling, it’s alright. You are going to be alright.

I used to have this magnet reminder posted on my fridge:

“Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok,

it’s not the end”

This does not mean skip over all the yucky crap, to get to the end. It means, hang in there, the world is a wild and mysterious place. Those deep, uncomfortable and juicy feelings maybe be leading you to your happy ending. Or to the thing that will lead you to your happy ending. Or to the thing that will lead you to the thing, that will lead you to your happy ending. Or happy your beginning.

Because that’s kinda it. We’re always beginning and ending.

And you get love. No matter what.

From my personal journal this morning:

With absolute majesty the sun rises up in the morning,

in a span of six or ten breaths me and my soul,

my soul and i

soar in harmonious union.

That must be what this feeling is that rises up in me.

Harmony.    Union.    Satisfaction.    Rich with timeless ease.

Fleeting, and always returning.


May it be yours too.



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