Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello my love. I’ve a question for you today.

What’s your part in creating the life you have right now?

Ask this, not from a blaming or shaming perspective, but from a I’m a powerful creator perspective. The available perspectives are unlimited.

Is there more possible, so so much more, than what I’ve settled for?

Take a few moments, find someplace quiet and allow yourself to breathe. After three to five deep inhales and long slow exhales, start to notice the aliveness of your body.

Follow that aliveness. How ever simple your next step is, trust that it’s the next right step.

Is it getting a drink of cold water? Or writing down some words that make you smile? These baby steps of learning to trust your body are little miracles.

How many little miracles can you create today? Knowing that the more miracles you create the more you will receive. Knowing that you are powerful and can create miracles.

With infinite love for you, wherever you are right now in this beautiful, messy life.


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