Love Letters

Wednesday Love

Hello Love. Sitting here with a kitty on my lap. All is well. Except the thoughts racing in my brain telling me that maybe all is not well.

How interesting.

So which is true? This moment or my thoughts about the future or past?
Will these thoughts become my now? Not exactly as I’m thinking them, but in some unexpected way? Because I create my reality? Yes. and that’s a good thing. A very very good thing.

What to do?

I choose to breathe. In through my nose and out long and slow through my mouth. All is well. The sun is shining today. It’s a good day for a walk on the beach.

Actually, all days are good days for walks on the beach. Rain or shine. Something new will be discovered, felt, turned on. Delights, waiting to be tasted, teased, noticed are all around. All is well.

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