Love Letters

Monday Love

Morning boo—

Is your foxy, rollicking, wild cat expressing herself this morning? Or the sleeply, curl up in a warm blanky part of you? Sleepy for two whole days. Hmmm… that was me this weekend. And for once, I said, ok. Have at it. Mostly.

There’s a part of me who’s always asking why. Why are you this sleepy. What’s wrong with you? I know that old familiar voice. I call her conditioning. Maybe I’ll start calling her June. Hey June, thanks for your concern. Nothing to worry about here.

And so, with June, poking her head in every now and again, I lazed about this weekend. Nap. Read. Slow, meandering walks. Instead of conquering the hills by my house that surely make my heart stronger and my booty tighter. Crawl in bed at 8:00pm. Ahhhh, it feels so good—my body sings!

Ok, most nights this winter if I’m being honest! I crawl in bed and read, play word scapes, journal, listen to a guided meditation, stare at the ceiling. But June is always there. It’s too early to go to bed. You should be doing something else. So while I still crawl in bed early, I also feel a little shame about it.

Now here’s the fun part of allowing. I feel tired and sleepy. For two days. OK. I allow it to be the right way to feel. This morning, I wake up with the foxy, rollicking, wild cat part of me.

Allowing myself to ebb and flow. That’s what’s going on in my world. How about you? What’s happening in your world?

Whatever it is, can you allow it to be the “right” thing for this moment? Maybe it’s the greatest growth opportunity ever.


P.S. This is Meela. She’s my sleep guru. And the queen of allowing.

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