Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo,

Sitting here sipping my tea. Contemplating. Appreciating the cool air coming in from the open sliding glass door. Beyond that, the sun is shining and the sky is the clearest blue. I hear a fountain and airplanes in the distance. The birds are about too, but I have to listen closely for them. Back inside I appreciate the pussy willows I brought on Saturday to celebrate spring. Pussy willows! What a wonderful thing. The softest little balls you can imagine attached to brilliant, bendy twigs. Me and kitty love them.

Ha! I’m kinda lost for words after that.

What are you appreciating in your world beauty?

All is well. Everything that’s happening right now, is for you. It might be hard to see that in this moment. Or it might be clear as day. Maybe you remember and forget, remember and forget, remember and forget. And that’s ok.

There isn’t anything more lovely than you. Right here. Right now. Let yourself be.

If you feel like playing today, let’s listen for the space in between the words. Not for any specific result. I mean, it’s incomprehensible really. There’s open space between words? What does that even feel like?

I don’t know.

And yet it’s there all the time. Open space, possibility

Good day my love. Sending hugs, and jigs and wiggles and smiles your way.


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