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Hey boo, I heard something that rocked my world this morning. NOT something new, but something that I took in, in a new way.

Action creates clarity.

If you’re already a natural born, fly by the seat of your pants, action taking kinda human, this may not blow your mind. However, if, like me you’re a natural born thinker. Get ready to have your world rocked.

Action creates clarity. I’m not talking about epic, quit your job, leave your partner, move to another country action. (Though that likely would rock your world). I’m talking about actions of all shapes and sizes. Baby steps included.

Think back to a time when you took action… decided “what the hell I’m just gonna do it”. The little thrill you got. Let’s hang out there for a sec. The thrill of taking action, trusting the moment. Trusting your desire. Not engaging with the voice of fear. Of not knowing what’s going to happen next. Oh, it feels good! A little scary, but good scary.

Now a myriad of things can happen. I’m going to talk about two of them. !. You ride the thrill. And it’s a good time. 2. You start to question yourself and fall back into your thinking mind. Pretty soon, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in buyers remorse. Or trying to talk yourself into enjoying the thing. Or hating the thing. UGH! None of these are as fun as simply enjoying the thing.

DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF WRONG… either way, you’ve made a choice and now have more clarity. Not taking an action is in itself a kind of action. You are exactly where you need to be.

And, this day is about taking action. Remember, baby actions count. 3 minutes of exercise, counts. Every step will lead you to more clarity. Yes, no. Go this way. Turn around. Stop. Breathe.

Yeah, let’s do that last one. Take three deep, generous breaths, with long, slow, exhales and drop into your body.

You never get it done. Life is creating. We create and create and create again. If you don’t like what you’re creating choose again. And don’t worry you needn’t create perfectly! Clarity comes from taking action. Clarity is not right or wrong. It’s a feeling that guides you… and you have to step forward to be guided.

As a chronic thinker, it’s my desire and intention to grow in this area. I’m often looking for more clarity in my life and more goosebumps. I’m embarking on an action experiment— anyone wanna join in? What action or what opportunity are you going to embrace today?

Remember, you are loved. No matter what you choose. Exactly as you are in this moment.


P.S. If a voice in your hear is saying, oh no, that sounds impulsive and being impulsive is bad… return to your breath.

I jumped off a cliff once. A yolo (you only live once) moment. It was not a tuned in moment. I was scared, didn’t want to miss out, plugged my nose and said, “oh, what the hell”. It didn’t turn out so great. I landed on the backs of my legs and lower back. My body was in shock, but I remembered my breath, stayed calm and slowly made my way to the ladder and climbed up. The next day the backs of my legs were black and blue, I was stiff, had low back pain— and I was ok. It took a few months for the back pain to go away, I was worried I’d done serious damage, fortunately, I did not.

The clarity— I’m no longer swayed by YOLO moments.

AND, a maybe is a no. A yes is a yes. I can take action and live an exciting life in ways that are not motivated by fear. Ways that feel good, and are tuned in (vs life or limb threatening). How do you know the difference? Pay attention to urgency. Actions taken in urgency, sometimes beget more urgency. All is well my love.

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