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a little bit of love

Hey boo.

Last week’s love letter left me feeling a bit Yes, And… There’s s certain way that many of us in our current way of thinking are used to action looking. I’m interested in another way. What I call receptive action. The thing is, I’m still figuring out what this looks like in my life. Meditation, yes. Being in alignment with myself. Yes.

Sometimes I get into alignment by taking a step, only to find that direction is not the one that’s in alignment— for me. Clarity. Sometimes I have to take the step to know.

Other times, not taking the step is the step. And sitting in that discomfort. Because for me, if I’m not taking a step, I’m in my head and when I get caught up in my head, it’s pretty uncomfortable.

Choosing to do nothing is another kind of action. Choosing is action. Choosing to do nothing but allow myself to be/feel exactly as I am. Letting go of thinking I need to be different or this moment needs to be different, is often the best action I can take. That’s alignment.

Ah, yes.

Thank you for allowing me the space to sort this out.

You can’t get it wrong boo. Everything is Everything.

I love you. Breathe.

Do something fun. And if you’re feeling generous, share in the comments the something fun. I think we could all use a little inspiration!


P.S. Here’s a poem that I’m loving this week, by Chelan Harkin. Check her out. Her work is magical. And, fun.

I No Longer Pray

I no longer pray—
now I drink dark chocolate
and let the moon sing to me.

I no longer pray—
I let my ancestors dance
through my hips
at the slightest provocation.

I no longer pray—
I go to the river
and howl my ancient pain
into the current.

I no longer pray—
I ache, I desire,
I say “yes” to my longing.

I no longer pray as I was taught
but as the stars crawl
onto my lap like soft animals at nighttime
and God tucks my hair behind my ears
with the gentle fingers of her wind
and a new intimacy is uncovered in everything,
perhaps it’s that I’m finally learning
how to pray.

— Chelan Harkin

Image courtesy of Ana Novaes, LTG – Artes

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