Love Letters

A little bit of love

Hello beauty,

How’s the breathing going? Are you breathing— with intention? With attention.


The quality of your life depends on the focus of your attention.

Ok. Enough about that. Let’s play….

What can you remember about yourself, that you think you are in need of, but in reality, you already have? Already are. I am…

Here’s an example. I have an old story that I suck at focus. My brain is all over the place. And yet, I had quite a lovely week of focused breathing.

So, guess I’m actually good at focusing. I just forgot. I forgot that I can focus on things that are a pleasure to focus on. And for the record there are some things I’m really good at focusing on that I’d rather forget!

So yeah. I’m an excellent focuser.

How about you?

Remember you are all that you need.


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