Love Letters

Monday Love


Hello my beautiful grumpy pants, heart of the rebellion, woman of my dreams,

Thank you for showing up today. For showing me who I am, my truth.

Thank you for reminding me that I can’t do it wrong (seriously, you can’t. Do it wrong.)

And for launching me the direction of love. No matter what.


I wonder, what reminder are you needing today?

What part of you is calling to be embraced with open arms?

What happens when you do?


2 thoughts on “Monday Love

  1. The reminder & the kindness I am telling myself today is that I can catch and release fear and not feel bad or wrong for feeling afraid for the few minutes that I did. It was around 1:30 pm today when I made right turn at a very busy traffic intersection and put my foot on the brake pedal as a pedestrian was getting close to my car. He was alarmed and upset.

    The fearful part of me said, “You almost hurt him!”

    The angry ego part of me wanted to blame it on someone else and said, “You didn’t see him immediately because a large truck was blocking the crosswalk and he was running behind it. One of them should have been careful.”

    And the kind part of me said, “But you didn’t hurt him and everyone was physically unharmed.” And the kind part of me invited me to drop the imaginary stories of how much I could have injured the man.

    Months ago, I had a harder time dropping the stories and inviting kindness when I had avoided a car/pedestrian accident. Today, I spent less time and stress. Every day is different. All part of a practice in mindful living.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! It’s so interesting how these parts of us pop up in the most mundane parts of our lives (driving around) and what a huge impact they can have when we are not paying attention…. glad you were able to see your conditioning trying to make you feel bad and choose kindness instead.


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