Love Letters

Monday Love


Good morning my beloved,

What words do you need to hear right now? To offer love, support, encouragement to the part of yourself that has shown up this morning.

It’s ok. I’m here, you are not alone. You’re doing a great job. I see you, I know you’re doing the best you can.

I love you, no matter what.

You are the hottest freaking thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, glorious, bountiful, smart as a whip. Breathtaking. Cuddly.



2 thoughts on “Monday Love

  1. Thank you! I needed to read this today and remember the compassionate support I offer myself.

    I am fortunate to have MLK Day as a day without work or set schedule. Somehow I found myself sad that I hadn’t thought of amazing things “to do” during this day or “fun things to experience.” It felt at first like FOMO.

    After walking a few blocks, I became aware that I was sad because I wasn’t looking forward to Tuesday or the rest of work week, because 16 hours of work has been assigned to me tomorrow. I thought I made peace with that fact when I told myself I would figure it out tomorrow when I face it and that I trusted my kind approach to care for myself. And even though I still trust those things when writing this comment, I now see and accept “YES I trust myself and my kind, compassionate approach today/tomorrow/whenever AND I am just not feeling enthusiastic about this coming work week. I am feeling like MLK Day is my last chance this week to have a joyful experience — I’m afraid it is (even though I actually know it is not).” And that’s okay. Because I’m just meeting myself where I am right now. This is the practice, whatever the emotion, dread or excitement or anything. Tools for being awake in this life.

    Also this morning when I woke up, I thought, “Cats and kittens. I feel and somehow hope to see kittens in her Monday Love post.”

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you, for sharing your process today, of meeting yourself exactly where you are. So easy to let the future throw a wrench into what otherwise could be a perfectly lovely moment here and now. I’ve been there for sure. How great that you were able to see it. I wonder, how did things turn out for you today?

      Happy to fulfill your kitten dreams!

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