Love Letters

Monday Love


hello beauty,

you are loved. whether you feel it or not, it’s there.

beaming at you from all directions

love    love    love    love    love

you are just so freaking delicious.

exactly as you are, in this moment.

right here, right now. nothing to fix. nothing to change.

what is possible for you from this place? what fun awaits you?

love   love   love   love

no matter what.

can you feel a huge weight falling away, a sigh escape your lips, a smile tickle the corners of your mouth?

an opening, just between your ribs. a deeper breath.

pure potentiality. that’s you, in every moment. fresh and dewy.

and this too, and this too, and this too.

holy smokes, you rock.

write that on your arm today. notice what happens next.



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