Love Letters

Monday Love


Good morning sweetness,

Let’s start with three deep breaths… inhaling through your nose and allowing the air to fill your ribcage, then a long luxurious exhale through some sexy pouty lips.

Those exhales are the key to letting go of that which no longer serves you (aka chilling the heck out).

That my love is how effortless relaxing can be.

Repeat often.

You know what else can be effortless? Lighting up the world with your own unique, breathtaking, weird, hot, hot, hot beauty.

The irony is in all the hard work we do to cover it up. Fit in. That’s why we get so freaking tired, depressed, pissed off. And before you go judging those things, know there is nothing wrong with any of them… they are leading you where you need to get to next.

Sometimes they serve you. Sometimes it’s time to let them go.

So, I wonder, what can you let go of on your next exhale, that will take you a little closer to you.

Heck yea.









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