Love Letters

Monday Love

woman holding firecracker
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Ahoy there beauty, what a delicious Monday!

Ripe with possibility.

Yesterday, nothing but a launching pad for your desires to take shape. Anything is possible.

And everytime you stop and listen, to the birds, to the wind, to that frisky vibration rolling through your crazy hot bod.

Everytime you stop and notice, your breath, your thoughts…

an opportunity to create with a fresh canvas awaits you.

So be on with you my love! Create with gusto. Get a little messy. Put on something that makes you feel sexy. Only you need know about it, it’s only for you.

What a delicious secret.

I’m feeling frisky just thinking about it.

How truely, wonderfully lovely you are.




If a part of you is feeling this today:


Give her a big hug, maybe a hell yes, I hear you. And ask, what do you need right now?

Here are some extra hugs from me. XXXXXXXX

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