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Monday Love

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Hello beautiful.

Tis the season to try something new. Anything really.


Thank goodness for that!

Once again, I diverge from our Monday love letter to share with you another form of practicing radical compassionate acceptance, from the person who taught me about the words, radical, compassionate acceptance.

My teacher, Deborah Eden Tull.

She’s offering a free one-hour talk on Shift Network about a 7-week program she’s offering starting in January. Her talk, Stop Trying to Fix Yourself, is tomorrow, December 4th at 12:00pm Pacific time.

The talk is cool, however, it’s the 7 week program that will rock your world. I’m not being paid to say this. Not a single cent. I offer this from my heart. My work with Eden has transformed the way I experience myself in the world. Her work is quiet and subtle and radical. It sneaks up on you. It shines a light inside offering the sweetest moments of clarity. It’s offered in a spirit of fun and play.

So if you’re interested in kicking off 2019 rocking your world in the best possible way (think freedom, bliss, ease), check out her free talk or skip it and just sign up for her the workshop. It’s worth way, way more than $297. What would you pay to get plugged into your source?

Sign up here if you’re interested.

And if this is not your thing, try anything new that sounds kinda fun. Cause that’s where we tap into our limitless one.

Next week, back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Until then, remember, you get love, no matter what.





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