Love Letters

Wednesday Love

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Hello my love, sometimes life just sweeps you up and you forget that it’s Monday and before you know it, it’s Wednesday!

And here we are, in life’s perfect unfolding.

Which means, wherever you are emotionally, physically, mentally in this moment, is perfect. The most wonderful place to begin. Yep, this is just the beginning, it’s not the end of the story. Isn’t that a huge relief!

Start what you wonder?

Start paying attention to your breath. Start going for walks. Start listening to the birds singing. Start choosing things that feel good… not by pushing anything away, but by allowing all of it to co-exist.

It’s all the perfect unfolding of life leading you to your heart’s desires.

Thank you life, thanks for having my back. You amaze and delight me, and I love you so much.





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