Love Letters

Monday Love

woman in white cap sleeved shirt blowing dust
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Good morning love,

Woke up feeling a little blue. Took myself outside where the air is crisp and the sun warm. The birds are doing their thing.

Allowing this blue feeling to just be, ok.

Sat quietly, with my eyes closed. Having a little chat with the wise old being within.

I have a lot. I am truly blessed. And I want more.

Yes, my inner being said. That’s cool. Don’t worry about what everyone else is saying about “less is more”, the chatter of the world around you is not your business.

I’ve taken all this time and it would appear that nothing has come of it. And yet, I know it takes time and care for seeds to grow and blossom.

Exactly, my inner being said. And blossom they will, with ease, in the most delightful and surprising ways.

I’m ready. I’m ready to play and work and jump in. I love to work. I love to play. I love to collaborate and create with others.

Thank you inner being.

Clarity. Alignment. And now some fun.

This is what I call grace. And a little bit magic. Meeting oneself exactly where we are, with kindness and allowing and so much love.

It’s what I wish for you this day.

If you could see what I see right now…

You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Consider yourself sprinkled with stardust. Let the magic comence.


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