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Monday Love

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My love,

Just say yes— to yourself, to your life, to your dreams, to what you are feeling right now.

Notice all the stories buzzing about, good, bad and all that jazz.

Now smile. Maybe even laugh at those stories— as though you’re watching a funny movie, and the leading lady, she’s so damn funny, awkward, feisty, endearing and somehow just doesn’t see how freaking lovely she is.

But you love her. You’re cheering for her happy ending.

She’s you.

The stories of your life are written by you and can be rewritten anytime.

If there is something in your life, you believe is the absolute truth and it’s causing you to suffer, take a moment to ask yourself— is that so?

Then allow yourself to listen deeply for the answer.

And remember. You’re lovely.



P.S. I’d love to hear from you. What did you find?

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