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Monday Love

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Hello Darling,

Here we are again at Monday. Perhaps, with a beginners mind, this could be like no Monday you’ve ever had before.

Because, it has never happened before.

So take a deep breath. And another.

Notice the stories you have about this day, Monday. Not enough time? The weekend was too short. Work sucks. Take a step back and just notice the thoughts as curious little aliens paying you a visit. Hmmm, how interesting.

Also notice if there are judgements about the thoughts. Those are the real hum dingers, they can suck you in and take you down to some very dark places. Let’s not go there. Those judging voices are not the truth anyway. Take another step back and say hello judge, I see you.

Now the fun begins. Maybe take another deep breath. Breathing is so freaking delicious when stop to notice how it feels in your body.

Ask yourself, how do I want to feel?

Awake, relaxed, excited, energized, hopeful. I love when I feel those things. Pick one as  your mantra for the day, and really steep in it.

Energized, energized, energized, energized…

Ask yourself, what makes me feel energized?

Moving my body. Maybe today I’ll take dance breaks in the bathroom at the office, or walks around the block, or squats in the office kitchen at lunch.

Whatever turns you on. Do that. Yeah, the folks in office kitchen might think you’re a little weird. But they’ll also kinda wish they had the energy you do.

So go on, be weird. If nothing else, it will make your Monday more entertaining.

I love you. You’ve got this.




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