Love Letters

Monday Love

Oh my love, come practice better feeling thoughts with me!

This is a wonderful day. In this day I will look for reasons to feel good and I will find them.

I expect to have pockets of joy, clarity, fun and alignment. As I practice thinking better feeling thoughts, I will find more and more of these pockets of joy.

In time, these pockets will turn pools, in which I’ll swim in frisky delight. The pools will become oceans in which I’ll romp and squeal with uproarious joy. Skipping thru the surf and throwing myself with wild abandon into the waves.

Alive, fresh into the world with every breath consciously taken. Every bird I stop to enjoy, every co-creation I embrace and appreciate. No matter what, because it’s a gateway to freedom.

Pure Bliss.

Yes, this is a very good day. And it all begins with a little practice.

In this post, you are “I”. And I love you.

P.S. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks inspired the words in this post. Words that bring me so much joy.

Photo Credit #1 Photo by Julia Kuzenkov from Pexels

Photo Credit #2 Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

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