Love Letters

Monday Love

Oh my love!

What if agitation doesn’t mean something’s wrong?

What if it means lean in?

What if it’s a sign? And contrary to what you have heard, it’s a good thing. Not something you need to make go away, but something to embrace.

What if it’s making you stronger? Shoring up your resilience. Getting you ready for what’s next. Ready to be ready to be ready.

Ready for anything and everything. Sky’s the limit my love.

You are all that your mind can conjure. Yep, the beautiful and the scary.

Today, embrace the agitation. See where it leads. Say thank you.

Thank you for keeping life interesting. For pulling me forward when I’ve gotten a little stuck. For mucking up the plans fear was making. Thank you.

And with that my love, have a glorious week. You are so cussing brave! I’ve got a smile, ear to ear, just thinking bout you.


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