Love Letters

Monday Love!

Oh my dearest. How do you find the love when your brain wants to complain about everyone and everything? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


Well, not everyone one. Only a couple of people actually. There are many, many people (and my kitty), with whom I am quite in love. In this moment.



No actually, not everything. The sky’s the most brilliant blue today, and dotted with fluffy clouds. The breeze is blowing sweet tantalizing kisses. The sun is loving up on everything and the air temperature could not be more perfect.

I had the most delicious lunch. I’m sitting by a lake. The day is mine to create as I please.

Yeah, I have to clean up some shizzy that’s not mine. Wait! actually I don’t have to. I’m going to, because I love love love a clean house. It’s my choice. It’s all for me.

It’s all good. One might even say perfect. If you consider opportunities for expansion perfection. And I do. Then yes, perfect.

Today I accept myself exactly as I am. The part of me who thinks people are stupid (sometimes). The part of me who says is that so, to all the chatter in my brain. The part of me who likes a clean house. The part who is flush with appreciation for it all.

So there ya have it my loves. I’m going to go vacuum up some dog hair and get on with my glorious day.

What are you gonna do?


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