Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello my love,

Do ya ever wake up like a soda that’s been sitting out overnight and lost all it’s fizz? Flat, sugar water.

What if it doesn’t mean something’s wrong? What if there’s nothing to fix. Nothing to change? What if, it’s the natural rhythm of the seasons flowing thru you?

What if you rolled yourself over and out of bed. Put on that tatty old robe and walked outside to watch the sky brighten into a new day? Made your favorite tea, set aside thoughts of doing and just let yourself be.

I wonder, how would that feel?

How would it feel to dwell on the yummiest what if’s you can dream up?

Generous, vivacious, thrilling, naughty, what if’s.

Yes, my love. You are all of those things.

I love you.


Photo by Rido Alwarno from Pexels

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