Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello my dearest one,

How is it a heart can be pumping with love and a brain with worst case scenario horror stories? In this case, my heart. My brain.

The negativity bias of course.

“As the brain evolved, it was critically important to learn from negative experiences – if one survived them!” –Rick Hanson, PhD.

You know, caveman being chased by Mastodon.

To help, the brain has special circuits that register negative experiences in emotional memory. Often casting long shadows caused by old pain that can trip us up in the here and now.

Yes. The brain is trying to help.

Turns out positive experiences are more like bubbles. Poof. They delight and they’re gone.

Fear not! This is not just the way it is. According to Hanson, one can overcome the negativity bias with a practice of focusing on something positive and dwelling on it for 10-20 seconds. Allowing the yumminess to steep. It can be as simple as the feeling of a cool breeze on your skin on a warm day.

The important thing my love, is that you don’t beat yourself up about getting caught in a negative loop. Shit happens.

Here’s a new story you might tell, inspired by the teachings of Abraham/Hicks.

Since things are always working out for me, there must be some value in this. Value. Hmmm, I wonder what may be of value here?

I love you. Hot mess and all.

Photo by José Luis Photographer from Pexels

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