Love Letters

Monday Love: Body Love

Good morning my dearest.

Found some inspiration this morning.

And then there’s this:

Dear tummy, thank you! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do to keep things moving and for letting me know what’s going on in there. You are so freaking smart. I’m going to start listening to you more closely.

Dear nose, thank you! I love love love to smell delicious things. Warm bread baking, the wet of an earthy rainy morning, lilacs in the spring. Oh, how you bring such richness into my life.

Dear thighs, thank you! Yeah, sometimes you wiggle and jiggle and I can get a little crazy about that. But I know the strength and stability and freedom you give me and to me that tops everything else. Love!

Dear shoulders, thank you! You carry the weight of the world! I could not shimmy without you. And frankly, my shirts would look silly. You, exactly as you are, deserve a standing ovation.

Dear cheeks, thank you! Seriously, you are super cute, keep my food in mouth and make my face a more interesting landscape. I wouldn’t be me without you. And being me is pretty fun.

Dear butt, thank you! Let’s be honest, lounging on the couch would not be the same with you. Nor would laughing my butt off and I love to laugh my butt off. I also like to shake and wiggle you. It feels so darn good. You’re the biggest and strongest muscle in my body and for that I salute you.

I love you body. Every cell working tirelessly on my behalf.


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