Love Letters

Monday Love: in a holi-daze?

Hello love!

Are you so so busy (or sick, or distracted by family or whatnot) that tuning in is being tossed to the curb?

That’s perfectly, wonderfully fine. Yes. It’s fine. The beauty of this loving yourself party is that you get love, no matter what, exactly where you are.

As soon as you go hey, I’ve not been so tuned in… you’re back in. Just like that. It requires less effort than you think.

Now, should you choose to give that “busy” part of you a good talking to, that’s going to set you in a less fun direction. Let’s skip that today. Wherever you are, well done.

If this is reminding you to tune back in, welcome home. I love you. Beyond words. Deep breath. Happy Monday beauty.


Photo by willsantt from Pexels

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