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Tuesday Love

Well darling, it seems as though that thing called a calendar is being tossed out the window. And time, the thing I often long for more of, is in plenty. Kind of. Except it still rushes past. And I still do what I do. Some of it falls under the heading of what I call useful and productive.

Or does it? And does it matter?

I don’t know.

There is so so much I don’t know. What a relief to stop trying to know everything. To slow down. Tune in. Let answers find me as they do. And they always do.

Find pleasure. Take pleasure. Allow pleasure wherever I can. And let that be enough. For now.

And if that feels impossible, to let whatever is showing up, be enough. For now.

I love you. Like the satisfying first sip of a frothy Chai latte. Like the soothing calm of a purring cat curled in my lap. Like the next deep breath, vibrating with possibility.

Happy Tuesday my dear.


P.S. What better way to move thru a time warp, than to dance?

Photo by Giallo from Pexels

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