Love Letters

Monday Love

Oh baby! I wish I could say I had this all figured out… this hot mess of a world right now. I’d sleep much better. I like to believe that it’s leading us someplace beautiful. I like to believe that everything is working out. And right now, this is what everything working out looks like.

The thing that freezes me, is believing the hasty judgements thrown at me by myself, by others, and by me at others. As I find my way in this epic transformation. Judgements that are the result of conditioning. Scenarios conjured that are often not even true, born out of a past experience or fear or need to find safety.

Judgements keep me locked in a state of imaginary threat and my own little world. When my deepest desires are to co-create harmony, equality, freedom and joy.

Yet, it does no good to use these judgements to beat up myself or anyone else! I will allow them to show me how and where to grow. I will get curious. I will ask myself, when wild accusations are rising up in me, is that so?

Me and others. I call that othering. I’m ready to set that down. My favorite quote right now:

“If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But, if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” — Lila Watson

We are in this together.

I love you. Be kind with yourself. Remember to breathe, often.


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