Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello my love,

Not gonna worry bout it.

What do those words stir up for you? What if you don’t have worry about “it” but rather grab the day and go… Go where the birds take you. Go where the trees whisper sweet nothings. Go where the sky in all it’s infinite splendor sweeps you off your feet.

Breathe. And remind yourself, I love you, I love you, I love you…

Where’d fretting ever get you anyway?

You may be thinking, easy for you to say. What am I supposed to do with my worries?

I have two wonderful tools to share: 1. Treat your brain like the cutest, friskiest puppy you’ve ever met… and remind her to drop it (it’s not ok to chew on your pink fluffy slippers). You may have to do it often. That’s ok. She’s learning. 2. Write in down and hand it off to the universe or what ever higher power you feel connected to. Help! I don’t want to fret about this anymore. Guide me to ease, clarity, fun, inspired action. Thank you.

Let’s play in the natural world today, and see if those things we desire to be, can be. Free of fretting. Free of judgement. Free of pushing against. Just free.


Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

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