Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey babe.

Just to clarify what choosing feeling good looks like.

It might look like a good cry.

It might look like binge watching a silly tv show about escaping to the countryside.

It might be a swim, a walk, a run, a nap.

It could be getting up early or it could be sleeping in.

And more than likely it’s never the same. It’s waking up in this gorgeous body of yours and seeing what’s present. What is the day’s gift to you. And will you answer that call, whatever it is, with curiosity and a sense of playfulness?

That’s a choice.

Can you trust that all is well and that you are where you are. In this moment.

And what would be loving and pure allowing, would be to say yes to this moment and to think about what might be the best feeling way to embrace and support yourself in this moment? It’s not a lifetime commitment. In fact it may change 10 minutes from now. And that’s ok.

So, you go to work, even though it not your favorite thing right now. Because you’ve made a commitment, and keeping your commitment feels better than not. It might mean not going to work. Because fork it, it feels better not to.

Do you see where we’re heading? There’s not a right answer or a right way to do it. And choosing feeling good is a kind of guide post on an ever evolving journey, to which there is no end.

You get to keep choosing. What’s more, if you choose something that you thought would feel good and it doesn’t, you get to choose again!

Win. Win.

I love you. You’re a badass, frisky, mother.. and don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise.


Photo by nappy from Pexels

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